The group traces its history back to 1967, when the first family company in Italy was organised. 

In subsequent years, a new assets were created and acquired in Indonesia and Russia, and a coffee factory was built in Uganda.

Currently, coffee from our own sources in Africa and Asia is supplied and sold through subsidiary distribution companies directly to coffee roasters in the countries of the European Union, Russia and the Middle East. 

In 2015, the reorganisation and consolidation of coffee assets of all the companies included in the group was carried out and a new headquarters was established in Dubai, the UAE, which also became the main international settlement center.

Vision & Mission

We do not divide our customers into large or small, important or not, we are proud to realize that we connect coffee roasters directly with the berry from the country of origin, without intermediate links.  We are proud that our business model allows us to bring unusual types of coffee to our customers, even in the commercial class, at the most competitive prices.

Heritage Coffee Group

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